locus-nq web design

Web design at locus-nq is about functionality, creativity, design and simplicity. We rely on individual consultation with you, our customer. We listen carefully to your requirements, provide suggestions for achieving your goals and encourage your feedback as the design process develops.

We specialise in simple, effective, creative solutions for small to medium size web pages. We design pages which load quickly, don't require lots of browser plugins, are accessible and standards-compliant. You can see some of these in our portfolio.

Your vision and ideas are vital to us but we'll try to steer you away from anything too flashy, messy or complicated. A page which loads slowly and has too much on it really doesn't help your potential customer, who will just move on to something else. And if you're in small business, that matters! Let's be innovative and creative with simplicity and get your message across.

Getting started

The best way to start is to have a discussion with us about your requirements, to get some idea of the scope of your project and whether locus-nq can provide the sort of web page you require. There is no charge for such a discussion - and no obligation, of course.

Before contacting locus-nq, you should write down as clearly as possible a description of your proposed page and the purpose it will serve. You may like to download and complete our simple web design enquiry form by clicking on this link: enquiry form.

The best way to contact us initially is to send and email. Just click on this link: contact.


It is hard to be too definite about fees without a full description of your project. However, here are some rough indications. A simple one page "business card" without links (eg the opening page of with somewhat more text and a few images but without the navigation bar) would likely cost between $200.00 and $400.00, depending on its complexity, who provides the images and text and whether these are in web-friendly format. A web site such as would likely be from about $1000.00 to $2,000.00 or even more, again depending on its complexity, functionality and who provides the various images and text needed. You would be expected to pay separately for any commercial images or other resources you wish to use.

Note: On top of the development costs above, there are costs associated with registering a domain name and renting space on a suitable server to host the site. You may have already taken these steps. In this case, locus-nq would eventually need to have access to this space to mount your web page. We also need to know how much space and what software facilities are provided on your chosen server.